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This contains the inventions that are currently going through the patenting process. The ones displayed are currently protected under law by the United States Patent and Trademark Offiee. We are continuing to improve and optimize the functions of the prototype, and working to make current models more efficient.


Invention #1: Wireless, Foldable Solar-Powered Phone Charger


At the age of 16, we had an idea to solve a constant problem we were facing. Though we lacked resources, we knew that an idea would simply remain an idea if we didn’t do our best to act on it. We paved our own way by researching and learning about the patenting and inventing process. Through constant effort and trial and error, we finally created a working prototype working late nights in our garage. We are currently patent pending, and by no means are we finished with our goal. We are continuously learning, revamping, and optimizing the product in preparation of the next step: pitching the product to an investor. During this process, we made mistakes, ran into roadblocks, wanted to give up, and thought we hit a dead end, but we were motivated by the desire of seeing our small idea come to life. And with that, we learned that our passion lies in creating, and we are only in the start of our journey. 


Below are 3 figures out of 10 total figures of the hand-drawn drafts of the conceived invention. The medium is vellum and ink and shows the partial exploded view, rear expanded view, and the exploded view displaying wires. While only 3 out of 10 figures are shown, all 10 were photocopied and sent to the USPTO for review and approval. 

FIG 10


Currently as it stands, we are in the finalizing process of reviewing the invention's current design, as well making minor design changes. In addition, we are currently working with CAD software to digitize our vellum drawings, as well as making 3D copies of the current design in order to build a final prototype, made by a manufacturer. Once we can get to this stage, we will do an objective product analysis and formulate a pitch in order to pitch our product to sell invention rights to a potential investor.

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