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Second-year UCLA student studying Communications, B.A. and Psychology, B.A.
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Hi! I'm Rachel, a social activist, aspiring entrepreneur, product designer, and 1/2 of an energetic identical duo who loves to play music and talk for a radio show! I'm also a complete dork for creative ideas, rock and punk music, getting to know people, and adventures. 

My family and I moved to America from Seoul, South Korea when I was five. My dad came here with a sparse pockets and an entrepreneurial dream, and he owned a rundown Beauty Supply store in the corner of East LA. Most of my childhood consisted of following my parents to work and sitting behind the counter, where they dealt with crime, hostile arguments with customers, and the backbreaking work of running a store with no employees. Being behind the counter felt limiting, restricting, and preventative of my growth, but my imagination flourished with every drawing, invention, and stories I told to relieve and change some of the harshest, unbearable realities. It was then I realized that I aspired to change to world in the same way I changed mine - through creativity and innovation. 

With the spirit of entrepreneurship and a bit of recklessness, Helen and I entertained my idea--the desire to be able to charge a cell phone outdoors without the help of an electric outlet--and created and designed a working prototype in our garage. At the age of 16, we finished a prototype and self-applied for a patent, and since then, we've applied the same energy and enthusiasm to focus on issues that affect us at the local level, namely the gender discrimination tax and the tax on feminine hygiene products. And today, we've moved on and come a long way from the days of the solar powered cell phone charger and are working on a new product with an international, social cause. (launching soon!)

If becoming a wiser, worldlier, and professional child-at-heart wouldn't make my six-year-old self proud, I don't know what would. Feel free to drop me a line or connect with me to collaborate!

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